At WONDERBOO we are on a mission to get proper nutrition into bowls all over the land! We believe that all dogs deserve proper nutrition so they can lead happy, healthy lives.


Whilst ‘fetch’ is still a solid favourite at WONDERBOO HQ, there is another game we are rather obsessed with: changing the way the dog food industry works.

Not much has happened in the past 50 years in this arena: producers focus on cost efficiency, using questionable ingredients and harsh manufacturing methods, resulting in products of poor quality with few natural nutrients preserved – barking mad if you ask us! So, we upped our game and decided WONDERBOO will only ever source the best fresh ingredients and use an air-drying technique that preserves natural nutrients and taste.


We have a very qualified panel of eaters that have been enjoying WONDERBOO for years. Their vote is unanimous – it’s truly delicious. We are thrilled that this is the case, but equally important is that WONDERBOO satisfies nutritional requirements as well as taste buds.

We use only fresh & natural Finnish and Swedish ingredients in accordance to a recipe that was developed by, and in accordance to leading veterinarian expertise. The composition of ingredients, coupled with an air-drying production technique, means that protein structures remain intact and at the perfect levels for a dog’s dietary needs.


‘My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best’. Winston Churchill may have said it first, but we live by it every single day. All our recipes are based on the same basic ratios: 80% of the food is top quality protein, and the remaining 20% is

a combination of carrots, broccoli and blueberries to provide natural fibers that stimulate the intestines and contain masses of antioxidants, potato fibers to aid digestion, and oxblood for a nutritious superboost that contains a lot of iron. We have created 4 versions of this magical formula to make sure there is a suitable meal for all the doggies!


WONDERBOO is superfood for dogs. Air-dried using only the finest fresh Finnish & Swedish ingredients means natural nutrition and taste is preserved.

It’s the obvious choice for the conscientious dog owner, because all pups deserve proper nutrition.

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