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New & improved recipes

We are finally back with new and improved products! All new recipes are single protein and based of fresh meat! Amazing taste and great for sensitive bellies. Try it today!

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Super premium kibble

WONDERBOO is not your traditional dry feed. We create high quality kibble that we extrude and dry gently to make sure that all nutrition and great taste stays in the finished product.

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Fresh Beef
Från399 kr
Fresh Turkey
Från399 kr

My dog loves Fresh Beef!
We used to buy Nordic beef from the previous product line and decided to try Fresh beef from the new one. My dog LOVES the taste and his fur is looking great. I love the new bag sizes and lower price. Keep it up!

By Sebastian


Fresh Turkey
My jack russel has a very sensitive stomache and has problems with most dry food. We have tried Fresh Turkey now for about a month and so far so good! I think we found a new favorite.

By David


Very satisfied.
Great price for such a premium product!

By Stina


My dog loves it
I notice a huge difference in appetite - from being an extremely picky dog to just wanting eat all the time. Top grade!

By Anna


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