Interview with Henrik Rönnberg


Professor Henrik Rönnberg, world’s leading Veterinarian Oncologist


What should dogs

never eat?


  • Too much fibres.
  • Raw chicken/bird meat.
  • Too much carrots can cause diarrhea.
  • A poor balanced calcium/phosphorus diet 

What are the most common

lifestyle diseases for dogs?


  • Obesity and joint disease/diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Heart failure
  • Gastro intestinal disorders

Why do you endorse WONDERBOO over other dog foods?

The dog food market is huge. But still the high quality products are rather few.

As in regular cooking, overcomplicating things and if you need many ingredients and spices to make the recipe often reflects overall poor quality or improper handling of each component. I am a strong believer in choosing products of excellent quality. Wonderboo contains just about the important components to create an ideal diet for the dog.

Less is more and good is better than bad, when it comes to choosing quality on ingredients. Simple and sound. Being a veterinarian I am also very eager to make sure that the animal welfare issues are taken care of and that measures are taken to produce the dog food in an ethical way.

The traceability of components are more and more viewed as highly important in the production of both human and animal food. This is to make sure that the issues above can be controlled and also to make sure that the continuity of the quality can be maintained. This is unfortunately seldom the case in production of dog food. Here I think Wonderboo is at the leading edge and will make other producers to follow their ideology.

What do you believe are the biggest threats to dog health?


  • Poor quality dog food.
  • Too much food, compared to activity and metabolic status.
  • Careless breeding programs.
  • Unsupervised/illegal import of dogs across borders.

What is the greatest lifestyle factor causing dog’s sickness?


Inactivity and improper dosing of dog food or mixing it with improper treats in an unbalanced way.


What is your opinion on poor quality dog foods?

Should not be served, as it has a high risk to cause dog’s health problems. Dogs are totally innocent, as they do not choose what their owners serve them!

Hence the responsibility is on us, as dog owners to serve our bellowed pets the quality they truly deserve. Poor quality dog food can at a first glance be tempting to buy, as they often are cheaper. But it will cost more in the long run, as health issues (due to the poor quality) will be much more expensive – both regarding money and reduced quality of life.


Please describe your qualifications in layman’s terms?

  • Veterinarian specialized in internal medicine. 
  • I am a boarded specialist in cancer treatment (oncology) within the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
  • I am a professor in internal medicine at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science, where I treat companion animals at the Small Animal University Hospital.