Size Guide

Size guide

WONDERBOO comes in three different sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The sizes are based on the weight of your dog. Each size in developed in collaboration with licensed veterinarian Henrik Rönnberg to fit your dog daily needs of calories.

Weight of your dog Recommended size
1-5 kg Small
5-10 kg Medium
10-15 kg Large

Just the right amount
When it comes to meal size it is important to remember that dogs’ nutritional needs vary depending on age, health, level of activity and season. That is why it is important to adjust feeding instructions to suit your dog. If they gain too much weight, reduce the servings. If they lose too much, give them a little more. See our meal guide above.

Important information
Since WONDERBOO is air-dried it contains a minimal amount of liquid and we do not bulk it up with fillers. This means it is more concentrated than other feeds. Your dog will eat smaller portions but still get all the goodness they need.