This is our high-nutrition food for sensitive bellies. The sole protein source in SENSITIVE MEAL is rumen. It’s easy to digest and our precious pups love it. Fewer ingredients than our other flavours but the same amount of nutrients. This is also a great option for dogs that carry a few extra kilos, and need to get in shape. It helps build lean muscles and strong bones. The food contains all the minerals and vitamins that dogs need to live a happy and active life.

  • Rumen is an excellent and mild source of protein for dogs
  • Instead of grains, we use carrots, broccoli and blueberries to provide
    natural fibres that stimulate the intestines and contain masses of
  • Potato fibres aid digestion and bind the food together
  • Oxblood is nutritious and contains a lot of iron (and very yummy!)
  • Available in packs of 750gr and 2kg

WONDERBOO is superfood for dogs. Air-dried using only the finest fresh Finnish & Swedish ingredients means natural nutrition and taste is preserved.

It’s the obvious choice for the conscientious dog owner, because all pups deserve proper nutrition.

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