Single protein meal with natural Nordic beef and rumen. Cooked lovingly for high-energy pups’ growing bodies and bones. Special attention goes to the balance of calcium and phosphorus in order for the puppy’s skeleton to grow strong. Puppy Beef is a complete feed and nutritionally balanced for puppies of all sizes. It and helps to build lean muscles and strong bones. The food contains all the minerals and vitamins that dogs need to have a great start in life.

  • 40% Beef and 40% rumen – rich in iron, stimulates the growth of muscles and red blood cells in the growing puppy
  • Instead of grains, we use carrots, broccoli and blueberries to provide natural fibres that stimulate the intestines and contain masses of antioxidants
  • Potato fibres aid digestion
  • Oxblood is nutritious and contains a lot of iron (and very yummy!)