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Spring Sale – 4 x Swedish Cod

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  • 100% Natural Ingredients. Absolutely no preservatives, fillers or by-product
  • Gently Air-Dried for 48 hours
  • Produced and designed in Sweden
  • Each box includes 7 trays, representing food for one week (7 days)

Let’s get one thing straight! Fish is as healthy for your dog, as it is for you. Cod is a splendid source of protein for your buddy. It is rich in vitamin D and folic acid, yet lean and tasty. WONDERBOO uses Swedish Cod, which is bone free and cached at a sustainable rate. WONDERBOO Swedish Cod contains no artificial additives and is nutritionally balanced to meet the needs of your honey. As one example, the ratio of calcium to phosphorus is important for a dog’s metabolism and can prevent osteoarthritis. Therefore, WONDERBOO has the optimal ratio for your dog.

We make it convenient to feed your dog, without compromising on quality, wherever you are. Put the box into your bag and you are ready to serve your buddy breakfast, lunch or dinner anywhere, at anytime. Water does not need to be added into the dog food. Serve water fresh – on the side!


Product Description

WONDERBOO Swedish Cod is a complete feed for adult dogs, made in Sweden, with Swedish natural ingredients. Our unique, gentle air-drying process preserves all the nutrients that your dog needs.

WONDERBOO Swedish cod contains 80 % cod and rumen, an excellent sources of high-quality protein. Pre-soaked whole grain barley provides slow blood sugar response in the body and potato fibre that facilitates digestion.

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: crude protein 40%, crude fat 21%, crude ash 5%, crude fiber 6%, H2O 10%

Nutritive value per 100 grams:
Vitamins: A 2400IE, D 520IE, E 12.7IE, B1 0.5mg, B2 0.2mg, B3 2.3 mg, B6 0.8mg, C 8mg, K3 0.8mg, B3 6.0mg, Choline 32.0mg, B9 0.16mg, B7 0.06mg Trace elements: Na 0.4mg, Mg 0.16mg, Cu 1.4mg, Co 0.08mg, Zn 10mg, Se 0.06mg, I 0.3mg