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My Dog Rusty Wouldn't Be Here Today if it Wasn’t for This Amazing Dog Food Brand

He was always a canned food dog because that’s all I knew growing up… Until something wasn’t right.
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By Elin Lindström

 Published July 08 2024

‘’ Your dog is dying too early. You need to change something. ‘’

My heart sank.

I couldn't believe it.


He was only… 6 years old!

I wanted him to live to at least 10… 13… 16!!

‘’ So… What’s wrong? Why is he going that way?’’ I asked the vet.

What the vet went on to say totally changed my life.

But before I tell you that, let me tell you the backstory of how we got to this point.

My golden retriever Rusty always ate canned food.
I gave him whatever I could get.


And everything was going normal. He seemed like a perfectly fine dog.

However as the years passed, I started seeing him be less and less active. Something had changed.

He didn’t want to play with me. He seemed depressed. He also put up a lot of weight.

I thought that all of this was because of aging…

…but I had a nagging worry in my mind that something was very wrong.

He was just 6 years old.

What aging?

He is young!

I understand if he was 16, but he was just 6 years old!

So I took him to the vet.

We walked into the cabinet, and he started inspecting Rusty.

He took a few deep breaths and told me…

‘’ Your dog is dying too early. You need to change something. ‘’

My heart stopped for 5 seconds.

My precious rusty is… slowly dying?

I wanted to spend 16 years with him.

I loved him, I wanted more moments with Rusty.

‘’ Why is he going away so soon? ‘’ I asked with anger.

The Doctor Pulled out a bunch of studies under his desk and placed them in front of me.

"Look at this here…Did you know that over 80% of dogs will get some form of dental disease in their lifetime — roughly the same percentage who eat dry food?

And also, Nearly 60% are overweight or obese. Half over the age of 10 will develop cancer… "

…But most Dogs won’t make it past 10 years old to begin with. Your precious rusty is on that path.

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He followed up with…

‘’ Your dog’s weight is getting out of hand. I can clearly see he has digestive issues and a slower metabolism. Is he as active as he used to be?’’

‘’...No.’’ I said.

‘’Your dog is what it eats. If it eats healthy - it’s healthy. If it eats unhealthy - it’s unhealthy.

So that’s the only thing we could blame this on. What is he eating?’’ said the doctor.

‘’Just regular dog food, sir.’’ I said quietly…

I added, ‘’Regular dog food. I just get it from the store. I’ve never really thought about it that much. That’s what everybody else does, right?’’

‘’Well… Yes. But that’s also why a lot of dogs don’t live past their 10th year. Do you know what’s in those foods?’’

This answer surprised me… I had never thought about it. ‘’Could you please tell me?‘’

He said in a Firm Tone… ‘’Canned foods are full of recycled low quality meat, organs and waste. They’re full of Artificial Fillers, GMO, Soy, and Preservatives. And you know what’s worse?’’


"All of these ingredients are shortening your dog's lifespan!"

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At this point. I knew where all of this was coming from. It just made sense. There was no other reason for my dog to get worse and worse, but the food I was giving him.

The doctor looked at him more while I sat quietly in his office. Then he added.

‘’But look… Don’t feel bad about this. It’s not your fault. People just never get educated about their dog food, because that would ruin big dog companies. I mean would you buy another pack from the store?’’

‘’Certainly not sir.’’ I replied with confidence.

‘’Right. So here’s what I advise you on doing. Go and get him something natural and simple. Single source protein. Natural High Quality Meat. It will be perfect for his sensitive stomach and will regenerate him back to the happy and energetic dog you once had.’’

I couldn't thank him enough for giving me directions on what to do.

The internet was full of advice, and I never knew who to trust.

I got back home, started looking for my dog’s new food and found WonderBoo.


They're a premium dog food brand which focuses on the super premium standard of their food.

WonderBoo has been featured in…

The only High Quality Protein Superfood Your Dog Will Ever Need

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They serve fresh and high quality beef and turkey.

And it has nothing to do with artificial fillers, preservatives, GMO, Soy etc.

That’s single source protein, which is very friendly to your puppy’s stomach.

And it’s one of the most nutritious and healthy things it can eat.

Once your dog starts eating them, it will…


Gain its energy back


Lose Weight


Get Rid Of It’s Skin Problems And Allergies


Have Better Digestion


Eat ALL of What You Give Him.

WonderBoo Has Been Trusted By Ten Thousand Dog Owners…


Satisfied after the first meal shared with the previous food. It's difficult to give a fair review before we have fully transitioned to the new food, but taste-wise, it's completely okay, the dogs say🩷 . Their fur also became a lot shinier and softer. We love it!

Maria, Stockholm


We usually provide dry food as the main diet, but we noticed our dogs, especially the older one, were getting lazy and sluggish. This new change in diet was well-received by two out of three dogs, the third, our smallest, also eats it but not as happily, possibly because the kibbles are a bit on the larger side for him. Satisfied overall !.

Lukas, Kiruna


I want to share my experiences with WONDERBOO dog food, which has been a real game-changer for my dog. My dog has become much happier and more energetic since we changed his diet. He seems to enjoy his meals more, and I have observed an increase in his appetite. I am very happy with my purchase 😊

Sebastian, Malmö

I Ordered It And Here’s What Happened

I liked the brand and decided to test them out.

The food quickly came to my house and the packaging was very well made.

I put it in my dog’s bowl and… It seemed quite happy to eat it!

Over the next few weeks I kept giving Rusty WonderBoo and here’s the changes I saw:

 Week 1 

Rusty Got His Energy Back

 Week 2 

The Weight Started Coming Down From All Of The Activities He Was Doing

 Week 3 

I noticed his digestion started to become much better. Rusty stopped throwing up.

 Week 4 

His allergies were… gone. Wow!

 I was super happy with the results.

Rusty seemed like he was… young again.

He had a joy for life again.

I never had to make him do anything, he was just an energetic fireball.

My Conclusion


Overall, I think that this is definitely a good purchase and you’re not going to regret it.

I don’t know what would’ve happened If I didn’t get WonderBoo. I don’t want to think about the path Rusty would’ve gone on and where it would’ve ended.

So if you’re feeding your dog kibble or canned food… Please don’t wait for things to deteriorate on their own.

Take Action Now.

Order your pack of WonderBoo Dog Food by clicking the link below.


And hurry up.

Because stock is running out quickly and the last few units may be getting sold out right now.

Also, keep in mind that this is all risk free.

Because you aren’t really BUYING… You’re TRYING.


There’s a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


If your dog doesn’t like it or you don’t get the results you expected, you can always get your money back.

And also you’re probably asking yourself why you should try WonderBoo.

But the question is..

Can you afford NOT to try WonderBoo?

I mean, you saw the studies where dogs get ill from the food you give them, right?

Can you really keep giving your dog food that’s lowering the time you’re going to spend with it?

How much would you pay for a few more years with your beloved pet?

100 million? 20 million? 10 thousand?

Well… Here’s the thing…

WonderBoo will give it to you for 399 kr at a time.

1 3kg Pack Of Theirs Costs 399kr.


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