Our food

Our food

WONDERBOO vs. Traditional Dog Food

Conventional dry foods are often adulterated with cheap ingredients and heavily processed. This can lead to a range of health problems and, in the worst case, shorten a dog’s life.

Quality First

At WONDERBOO, quality comes first. That’s why we only use natural Swedish ingredients that have been gently air-dried to preserve all the nutrients that your puppy needs. Our nutritionally balanced meals create the best conditions for optimal health – to give you and your dog many more happy days together!

About our food

Huskies and westies, pit bulls and lovable cocker spaniels, labradors and poodles and beautiful hairy afghan hounds – WONDERBOO are thinking of all dogs out there. The WONDERBOO dog food are biologically suitable for all dogs, no matter breed or size.

The Healthy Alternative

We believe that good, balanced and healthy dog food is the key to a long and happy dog life. WONDERBOO premium dog food has indeed good quality, as we only use the best fish and meat from the heart of Sweden. To preserve all important nutrients and keep all tastes, WONDERBOO dog food is gently air-dried. Hence, water does not need to be added into the dog food. Serve water fresh – on the side!


  • 40% Beef/Cod
  • 40% Rumen
  • 18% Ox Blood, Vitamins, Minerals and Potato Fibers
  • 2% Whole Grain Barley

Our Promise

  • 100% Natural Ingredients. Absolutely no preservatives, fillers or by-product
  • Gently Air-Dried for 48 hours
  • Produced and designed in Sweden
  • Each box includes 7 trays, representing food for one week (7 days)