We are here to improve dogs’ health

So we only use good stuff: fresh and natural Swedish and Finnish ingredients that are gently air-dried to create a meal packed full of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Good & yummy!

Quality first

This is what our business idea revolves around: to provide dog lovers and their pets with the best possible quality food! We are taking a stand, and waging war (whilst wagging our tails) on poor quality dog food. Whilst many global conglomerates use cheap ingredients to get higher margins from each pack of feed, by heavily processing and “sanitizing” ingredients, burning them at high temperatures, and thereby lowering the nutritional value of what actually reaches your pet’s tummy, we take a different approach.


Out with the bad, in with the good! That’s a philosophy we like to live by. So we are committed to using only natural Swedish and Finnish ingredients, gently air-drying them to preserve all the nutrients a dog needs. All our recipes are developed together with, and in accordance to leading veterinarian advice. We can give you facts and technicalities forever, but more importantly, think of it as a way of providing yourself & your dog with optimal health, giving you many more happy days together!


From Chihuahua to Cocker Spaniel, Pomeranian to Pit Bull, we have oodles of Schnoodles and herds of Huskies loving WONDERBOO. Our food is biologically suitable for all the dogs, no matter what breed or size they are. Being a complete, balanced meal, all you need to add is a big bowl of fresh, cool water on the side! Bon Appétit!

WONDERBOO is superfood for dogs. Air-dried using only the finest fresh Finnish & Swedish ingredients means natural nutrition and taste is preserved.

It’s the obvious choice for the conscientious dog owner, because all pups deserve proper nutrition.

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