This is what our business idea revolves around – to deliver maximum possible quality to dog lovers and their pets.

The main difference with conventional feed, produced by global companies is not using cheap ingredients to get higher margins from each pack of feed.

Heavy processing and “sanitizing” all the ingredients with burning them at high temperatures lowers the quality of what actually reaches your pet’s tummy. This can lead to a range of health problems and, in the worst case, shorten a dog’s life.

Being aware of that, we decided to create WONDERBOO. We are using strictly natural Swedish and Finnish ingredients, gently air-drying them to preserve all the nutrients a dog needs. All the recipes are made together with the leading veterinarian – to create best conditions for optimal health to give you and your dog many more happy days together!

Huskies and westies, pit bulls and cocker spaniels, labradors, poodles and big hairy afghan hounds – the food is biologically suitable for all the dogs, no matter what breed or size they are. 

We believe that good, balanced and healthy dog food is the key to a long and happy life. So we only use the best fish and meat from the heart of the Nordics. The food as air-dried, hence, water does not need to be added into the food. Serve water fresh – on the side! 

now – Bon appètit!


DO rock shiny hair, healthy joints & a happy tummy

With love, Wonderboo