About our food

What makes WONDERBOO different from traditional dog food?

We’re so glad you asked! WONDERBOO contains 100 percent natural Swedish ingredients; beef, rumen, cod fillet, wholegrain barley and a little extra TLC in the form of vitamins and minerals. No fillers, no artificial additives. We gently air-dry our food to preserve all the nutrients. Each meal comes sealed in a box that doubles as a feeding bowl, just open the seal and serve. You can order WONDERBOO as needed or subscribe for regular delivery.

Is WONDERBOO suitable for my dog?

WONDERBOO is a complete feed developed to suit the needs of your dog during all stages in life. Our food is available for adult dogs, puppies and pregnant or lactating bitches. There’s no need for supplements, unless recommended by your vet. Just add plenty of fresh water and love. This means the cost for WONDERBOO each day is the total cost for all your dog’s nutritional needs.

What's in the food?

WONDERBOO is a natural dog food made in Sweden that contains 100 percent natural ingredients, such as Swedish beef, Swedish rumen, Swedish MSC-approved, green-listed, boneless cod fillet, wholegrain barley and a little extra TLC in the form of vitamins and minerals. No fillers, no artificial additives. We gently air-dry our food to preserve all the nutrients.

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What's NOT in the food?

Preservatives. Colorants. Fillers. That sort of thing. Unnecessary additives, but sadly often found in dog foods. We don’t like them, so we don’t use them.

Why are WONDERBOO portions smaller?

Since WONDERBOO is air-dried at low temperatures, our food contains less moisture, and because we don’t add fillers there’s less bulk compared to other dog foods. This means your dog will eat less but still get all the good stuff he or she needs.

About your dog

I have a picky eater – any tips when switching to WONDERBOO?

Honestly we haven’t met a dog yet that didn’t love WONDERBOO. Seriously, it’s like WONDERBOO was made for picky eaters (it wasn’t really – it’s just good food made very tasty). Our own dogs are at the point where they salivate when they hear the seal come off… But if your dog is a little picky, start slow. Introduce WONDERBOO by serving a half portion of the food your dog is used to with a half portion of WONDERBOO. Odds are your dog will finish the WONDERBOO first.

What size is right for my dog?

Our food comes in three sizes: Small (50g), Medium (80g) and Large (140g). The sizing is adapted to the weigh of the dog and its daily calorie intake. In order to see what size and how many meals your dog need, please see our size guide.

What should I think about when I start with WONDERBOO dog food?

As always when you are about to change your dogs’ feed, it is important to have a transition period, in order for your dog to get used the new substance. WONDERBOO is an air dried fresh feed, meaning that your dogs stomach may be sensitive at first. WONDERBOO therefore recommend that you mix WONDERBOO feed with your current feed, while increasing WONDERBOO continuously. Your dogs stomach should be completely used to WONDERBOO after a couple of weeks. Then you can serve our air dried fresh feed to your honey at all time.
PS. WONDERBOO is to be served as it is – no water is to be added.

My dog needs to beef up, which WONDERBOO meal do you recommend?

Beef, pun intended. The highest calorie content per serving is found in our Swedish Ox variety. Start by checking recommended portion size. This will give you an idea of the standard portion size. Depending on your dog’s size, weight and activity level, increase portions by approximately half a portion and see how your dog responds. When your dog has reached the desired weight you can return to standard sized portions to see if the weight is maintained. Remember, every dog is different; age, climate, metabolism and activity level all affect how much food your dog needs. If you are unsure about your dog’s ideal weight, always check with your veterinarian first.

My dog needs to lose weight, which WONDERBOO meal should I choose?

Light is the ideal meal for a dog who needs to shape up a little. It contains 80 percent lean rumen and is high in protein so your pal won’t go hungry. We have also added extra vitamins, minerals and calcium. Plenty of fresh water (on the side) and a little extra exercise should do the trick. If you are unsure about your dog’s ideal weight, always check with your veterinarian first.

Which is the right variety for my dog?

Some dogs love variety, others are creatures of habit and prefer the same thing every day. If your dog is a healthy weight, just give them their favorite. All our varieties are complete feeds and provide all the nutrition your dog needs so there’s no need to switch if your dog doesn’t appreciate variation.

Puppy and older dogs

I have a puppy – is WONDERBOO suitable?

Absolutely! Puppy Swedish Ox and Puppy Swedish Cod are complete foods that are specially formulated for puppies. Made in Sweden with Swedish ingredients and no artificial additives, they are high in quality, high in protein and nutritionally balanced to meet your puppy’s needs. For example, the balance of calcium and phosphorus is very important for the development of bones and joints, which is why Wonderboo has put in a little extra care to find the ideal amount for puppies. Both Puppy Swedish Ox and Puppy Swedish Cod are gently air-dried to preserve all the nutrients that your puppy needs.

How long should I give my puppy WONDERBOO Puppy?

There are some different opinions within the question of when to stop feed your dog with puppy feed and move on to feed that is formulated for an adult dog. One thumb rule is that one you can feed your dog WONDERBOO Puppy until it reached approx. 80% of its adult weight.
The most important consideration is to not overfeed your puppy with puppy feed and gets overweight during its growing period. If you keep your puppy active and healthy it is fine to give big dogs (over 15 kg) puppy feed during 8 months, and smaller dogs (under 15 kg) up to 1 year.

My dog is a little older, what should I keep in mind?

Activity level and metabolism go down in mature dogs, this is perfectly normal. Keep track of your dog’s weight and adjust portions to maintain a healthy life. Switching variety to Swedish Cod and Light may aid in maintaining ideal weight and good health. If you are unsure about your dog’s ideal weight, always check with your veterinarian first.


How do I store WONDERBOO?

WONDERBOO boxes are specially designed to seal in freshness and nutrition and do not need refrigeration. Just make sure you store them at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

What is rumen and why is it good for my dog?

All dogs, whether it is a German shepherd or a Chihuahua, are genetically about 98 percent wolf (varies slightly between races and continents). A wolf in the wild can kill 5 animals in a row and just eat the stomach and leave the rest of the animal. When the wolf eats the stomach it also eats the contents of the stomach; grass and other plants the prey has eaten and lots of healthy bacteria, amino acids and other nutrients.
Rumen is a well-known secret among top breeders and kennels. It’s actually one of the cow’s four stomachs and dogs LOVE it. It’s also one of the best proteins you can give your dog, so it’s a total win -win! Fresh, unprocessed rumen (also known as green tripe) has a perfect pH (slightly acidic) for dogs, and contains plenty of good bacteria, enzymes and amino acids that help with digestion. It contains calcium and other essential minerals, as well as healthy fatty acids and Lactic Acid bacteria. Rumen is essentially dog food on fleek. We use rumen in all our varieties and air-dry it very gently to preserve all its goodness.
…and WONDERBOO loves rumen.

Do I need to give my dog supplements?

No, not unless specifically advised by your veterinarian. WONDERBOO is a complete feed and provides all the nutrients your dog needs during its lifetime.

What is a Wonderpod?

Wonderpod is a bowl on the go. The box is small, just the right size to fit in your bag so you can take it with you and serve a healthy meal anywhere, anytime. The durable Wonderpod is a practical rubber case with a silicone tray that also works as a serving bowl. Wonderpod is easy to clean since the tray goes in the dishwasher, and can be used over and over. Just pop a meal in your Wonderpod and take it with you as you go.