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Dare To Compare


Just like you and me, our dogs are what they eat. Save your pet a lot of suffering, and save yourself a fortune in veterinary costs, by educating yourself of the truth about your dog’s diet and commercial dog food.

Today, dogs around the world suffer from terrible diseases such as; overweight and obesity, chronic allergies and infections, sensitivities and digestive troubles, heart, kidney and liver disease, tumors, cancers and diabetes. Wild animals don’t suffer from these terrible diseases. Why? Because they lead active lives and eat their natural diet.

In today’s society we are constantly trying to adapt our diets with more natural food choices for our children, and ourselves so we can live a happier and healthier life. Though, our four legged friends have been forgotten showing a decline in their overall health. This growing problem is caused by the highly processed pet food offered in pet stores and food markets all around the globe.

Leading dog food brands manufactures highly processed grain based food with cheap and questionable ingredients to turn a high profit or make their food impossibly cheap. Price is not always an indicator of quality, but the ingredients list doesn’t lie. This is why it is so important to know how to check the ingredients in your pet’s food and be aware of the bad ones. So please do your dog a favor and skip these scary and harmful ingredients:

o Additives (Propylene Glycol)
o Binders (Corn)
o Bad fat sources (Vegetable Oil, beef tallow)
o Preservatives (BHT/BHA, Ethoxyquin)
o Coloring Agents
o Nitrites & Nitrates (Sodium nitrite)
o Bad Protein Sources (Meat & Bone Meal)
o “By Product” (diseased tissues, organs and tumors)
o Sweeteners (Corn Syrup, sugar)
o Bad Carbohydrate Sources (White flour, Brewers Rice)
o Soy
o Flavoring

Low quality pet foods are mostly filled with bad highly processed carbohydrates which has all nutrition stripped. This is not a natural diet for a dog to consume and it also causes a spike and then drop in blood sugar making them hungry again soon after consuming it. Instead, animal protein is extremely important and healthy for your pet and should be the main share of your dog’s diet. Though if you see “meat meal” or “bone meal” on the ingredients label, you should know that your dog is getting the worst and most processed source of protein possible.

Premium, minimal processed dog foods such as Wonderboo are filled with nutritional and natural ingredients such as high quality protein, vegetables and whole grains, then finalized with some vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. No scary fillers and harmful ingredients. Furthermore a good pet food should be treated and prepared carefully to preserve all the healthy and essential nutrients. This has huge impact on the overall dietary quality and wellbeing the food provides to your pet.


Ingredients Leading Dog Food












Wonderboo Ingredients

You should never settle for less than you deserve, and neither should your pet. Your dog shouldn’t be “surviving” on bad commercial dog food when they could be thriving on excellent all natural unprocessed food. Your dog shouldn’t eat something that you wouldn’t. So please start educating yourself today, dare to compare your current dog food with Wonderboo premium dog food.

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