About us

About us

On a Mission To Fix Dog Food

WONDERBOO is a premium dog food brand offering top quality, portion-packed dog food for the conscious dog owner.

More zest for life, more love, more time. At WONDERBOO we believe this is what every dog owner wants for their little buddy.

Conventional dry foods are often adulterated with cheap ingredients and heavily processed. This can lead to a range of health problems and, in the worst case, shorten a dog’s life.

At WONDERBOO, quality comes first. That’s why we only use natural Swedish ingredients that have been gently air-dried to preserve all the nutrients that your puppy needs. Our nutritionally balanced meals create the best conditions for optimal health – to give you and your dog many more happy days together!

Smart and Convenient

We believe that it should be easy to feed your dog a great meal – wherever and whenever. That’s why WONDERBOO is packaged as individual meals in different sizes. The container can be disposed of in regular trash, it becomes carbon dioxide and water when burned.

With the new, durable Wonderpod you have a practical case that also works as a serving bowl. Wonderpod is easy to clean and can be used over and over. Simple, smart, environmentally friendly – and perfect for your pooch!

We prepare the food, pack it into servings and deliver it to your door – to help you simplify your life. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the food or how much to serve. No more carting home cumbersome bags of dog food or frozen feed in which the main ingredient is ice.

You can order WONDERBOO as needed or subscribe for regular delivery. As a subscriber you take advantage of special offers, try limited products, and get discounts, invitations to previews and special events, and priority access to exclusive partnerships.

A Fair Price

Obviously it’s cheaper to make food that is composed of upwards of 80% carbohydrates, like rice or corn, than it is to use 80% beef, cod and rumen together with top-quality Swedish ingredients. Our unique, gentle air-drying process preserves all the nutrients that your dog needs.

To be more environmentally friendly we’ve taken away superfluous paper packaging and replaced it with Wonderpod, a rubber container that you can use over and over. We’ve invested our savings in lower prices, so now you can buy a WONDERBOO meal from as little as £2.

Our taste promise

Your dog doesn’t care how good and healthy a meal is – they just want it to be delicious. That’s why we focused on taste when we created WONDERBOO. More than 2,000 dogs have tried WONDERBOO and almost 99% wolfed it down with a hearty appetite – much to their owners’ delight.

The fact is, we are so confident that your dog will love WONDERBOO that we have a 100% taste guarantee. If you are not happy we will refund your money if you contact us within 14 days.


At WONDERBOO we’re constantly striving to be better. We keep ourselves updated about dogs’ health and nutritional needs by studying research, talking to vets and breeders, and continually trying out new healthy food ideas.

We also want to be better for the environment and improve sustainability. Getting rid of superfluous paper packaging is just one step. We welcome ideas from our customers and look forward to hearing from you. email your tips and suggestions to info@wonderboo.com

All the best,

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Clean eating. Free from GMO’s, fillers and preservatives.

Beautiful, portion-packed boxes. No more heavy bags.